about us

the yogurt shoppe’s mission is quite simple: to create the perfect yogurt experience! we offer the purest and creamiest “real” yogurt flavors, all featuring live and active cultures. all are low in fat, and high in calcium. a visit to the yogurt shoppe makes for both the perfect snack, or a delicious meal in itself. we also serve a variety of tasty fruit sorbets, as well as low-carb and sugar-free yogurts.

our customers are able to serve themselves the perfect yogurt creation, by choosing from a variety of delicious flavors, then choose from a wide variety of delicious toppings with everything from chocolates, candies, and hot fudge, to granola and fresh seasonal fruit. we offer toppings from local vendors, including fresh fruit from the local farmers market and cookies and brownies from local bakers… they’re awesome!! once you’ve mixed all the flavors and toppings you want, you only pay for what you take! when you’re finished mixing the perfect yogurt, just place it on the scale and pay per ounce… that’s it!

what sets us apart

the yogurt shoppe is a locally owned and operated, non-franchised frozen yogurt shoppe. we pride ourselves on being a part of the local community and building connection. at the yogurt shoppe, we are huge advocates for community support and outreach programs. we help local schools fundraise for programs and events; and contribute to many local venues, as well as fundraise for local and national charitable organizations.
the yogurt shoppe is the perfect place for the post-soccer game celebration or the little league victory. you never know who your gonna bump into after dinner, school, a dance recital, or just stopping in after a bike ride through town… we are the yogurt shoppe; a place to mix!

hope to see you soon.